Friday, February 27, 2009

Two Maids. Madame. One cup of tea. Que les jeux commencent!

Emilija Ellen as Solange, Claire Spence as Madame & Irena Grgona as Claire

In the secrecy of Madame’s boudoir, surrounded by a sweet scent of gladioli and mimosa two sisters viciously plot revenge against their employer.

The question remains - will the Maids see it through?

Nomads of Bazar presents Genet’s classic play loosely based on the infamous Papin sisters, who brutally murdered their employer and her daughter.

Staged as a truly modern tale of the beautiful and the damned and set within the pop culture and media world of the 21st century, the play challenges the boundaries between love, sexuality and criminal intent.

A production that will assault all your senses: fast paced and time pressured as the times we live in today, it delivers a bittersweet experience not easily forgotten!

Directed by Gael Colin. Design by Roberta Bratovic. Stage photography by Yasmine Braa. Stage lighting & sound design by Dan Webb.

Nomads arrive…unfurl their carpets and tents…perform…and leave…