Monday, February 13, 2006

Acting Training Is For Life, Not Just For Drama School

“Oh I’ve been to drama school so I don’t need to train anymore.”

“I’m already a working actor so why do I need to train?”

These are just a couple of things I hear from my fellow actors when I tell them I do class twice weekly in the Meisner Technique. In America, actors tend to value the need for continuous training throughout their careers more than British actors do. This may be because most ‘methods and techniques’ were created there.

Don’t get me wrong doing any old class won’t necessarily improve your acting skills. There are many courses out there promising the world (usually for a very high fee), also countless ‘Workshop Junkies’ are prepared to do these courses with no regard to cost or actual transference in their career. So pick your courses carefully. Check reviews and recommendations, look at successful graduates of the course. Do your homework.

Then there are the teachers who teach acting methods which inadvertently make the actor dependant on the teacher, so each time they audition, get a new job or just to get out of bed in the morning they need their teachers support, advice and confirmation to do so, thus creating actors who lack independence and confidence.

For me class works. I’m not saying that I’ll do it for ever but I will continue to do things that benefit my career, keep me in check and on my toes; be it short or student films, role playing or play readings. So when it comes to actually working on the big budget stuff you will have the confidence, knowledge and skills to do your job as an actor to the best of your ability. Here’s to a fabulous career! X

BTW I recommend The Actors Temple for courses in The Meisner Technique plus other useful and beneficial classes. Click the link below for further information.

The Actors Temple

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